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Dropbox and a designer’s workflow

Designers at KEW, Koala, and Ring give us their tips for getting the most out of Dropbox.

5 Odd Tips to Increase Creativity

We’re all creative. Given the time, freedom, experience, and a level of aspiration, we can all innovate. But there are times when even the most creative of thinkers can hit a mental roadblock. So, here are 5 unusual creativity boosters that research has shown will increase creativity:

Imagining Psychological Distance

One of the most widely recommended creative boosters is to increase distance from the problem–for example, by imagining the problem is off in the distance in the future or by considering how other people would come up with a solution.

How to say no at work 

Why saying no is often one of the best things you can do.

Unleashing creativity: A psychological approach

Some people find their creative flow in their studio, others in less deliberate areas like in the car or shower. Understanding how we get to those lightbulb moments requires some knowledge about how the brain makes it happen.

How the creative mind works

Six ways to make your Dropbox even more secure

One of the most common concerns we hear at Dropbox is what steps can be taken to help secure an account

Four more ways to be more productive in the office

Take a look at these global statistics on the value of a nations GDP per hours worked. 


10 steps to kill your fear of public speaking

Discover your story

The fear of public speaking is very real, with the average person ranking public speaking higher than death when it comes to fear. Don’t overthink it. Start by asking yourself, “what message do I want them to remember?” and let that be the foundation of your presentation.

Driving collaboration between designers and engineers

How to harness different perspectives for better results.

5 Steps to Redesigning Your Workflow with Dropbox Showcase

Introducing a new tool to elevate your creative workflow and present your ideas. 

Ten Workplace Trends That Are Here to Stay

1. Working from anywhere

There’s little doubt that communication and collaboration technologies have made working remotely easier and more effective. The need for a central working office is no longer a must thanks to technologies like video conferencing and file sharing, and it’s no surprise that the move remote has made Aussie employees happier and companies more productive.

2. The 24-hour workday