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Collaboration obstacles and how to overcome them

Small complications can make collaborating difficult, but the solutions are easy (and often right in front of you).

Four tips to make image review easier

Deciphering feedback on large projects can make this even more stressful – emails can only take one so far when deciding which of the options needs a slightly bigger logo. Dropbox Paper offers one way to manage this. Here are a few ways to make this process a little more specific and a little easier to use. 

Add captions to facilitate feedback on photo reviews

5 key things to look for when evaluating your cloud solution

With Daniel Iversen, Head of Solutions Architecture at Dropbox Asia Pacific.

How to practice mindfulness at work

Workdays filled with meetings, emails and surprise deadlines have turned busyness into a lifestyle. Our evenings are crazy, trying to catch up for lost time, but the ends—a successful career, a satisfying home life—justify the means. Right?

Career Lessons With... Becky Feiner

The world-renowned illustrator on collaboration, creativity and re-inventing the Australian alphabet.

Multitasking won’t make you more productive. Here’s what will.

Know someone who prides themselves on juggling text messages and meetings? Reading and listening to music? Who staunchly insists they’re a good multi-tasker? Have them try this experiment:

Forget about formatting. Focus on ideas

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but confronting an A4 abyss can be daunting – especially if your tools aren’t right for the job. Even Hemingway called it ‘facing the white bull’.

Four ways to fix productivity in the workplace

You might put in eight hours a day at the office, but how much of that time is really spent on productive work?

Five team tasks made easier with Dropbox Paper

Brainstorms on Post-Its, scattered meeting notes, ideas on napkins... Surely there's a better way.

6 tasks you should stop doing today

Simple changes you can make to switch your brain on and cross the to-do's off.