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Why the cloud holds the future of your money

‘Innovation’ and ‘finance technology’ do not often appear in the same sentence. Notoriously unfriendly on the eyes, traditional accounting software is the digital equivalent of a horse and cart. Then along came the cloud.

The top 10 tools for any new startup

This means it’s never been easier to achieve scale and professional quality, especially in the early days, with very little effort (and money).

In order to get your startup sorted, here are my top 10 essential tool picks for any new startup.

1. Squarespace

Creating Practice Manager integration with Xero and Dropbox

The Practice Manager feature in Xero is a powerful piece of practice management software that helps accountants deliver a live, transparent, and connected view of the important parts of their clients’ businesses. 

The feature allows accountants to work smarter by completing tasks faster, more efficiently, and with less stress. It has been designed so the business modules interact, minimising the need to double-handle any information.

Angus Norton on building products that change the market

Xerocon Melbourne 2015: Angus Norton, Chief Product Officer & Executive VP of Xero. Angus talks about helping up-and-coming products shift the market and taking the risk out of funding small business.

Anna Cochrane on letting tech do the work

Xerocon Melbourne 2015: Anna Cochrane, Partner Success Manager at Receipt Bank. Anna tells us her story about dropping everything to work at Receipt Bank.