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How LEAP encourages flexible working with new technology

We sat down with Gavin Smith from LEAP to talk about how the team is using new technology to enable flexible working.

5 Steps to Redesigning Your Workflow with Dropbox Showcase

Introducing a new tool to elevate your creative workflow and present your ideas. 

The Three Biggest Strengths of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means that instead of purchasing fixed IT hardware, businesses can access computing hardware as they need it. The benefits? Cloud computing resources are accessible on demand, as needed. Resources can support shifting needs and periods of peak demand, versus being under-utilised most of the time and over-taxed some of the time. 


Cloud computing is more efficient in several areas. 

How to get 80% of your results from 20% of your work

Pareto, an Italian economist and avid gardener, noticed that 80% of all his beans come from only 20% of his pea pods. After comprehensive research, Pareto found that the principle held across many other countries and industries. 

The theory can be applied to almost anything within business. For example, 20% of your customers may be responsible for 80% of revenue or 20% of an advertising budget may drive 80% of conversions. This ratio doesn’t have to be fixed, but the important message is that inputs and outputs in work (and life) are not necessarily evenly correlated.

Four tips to make image review easier

Deciphering feedback on large projects can make this even more stressful – emails can only take one so far when deciding which of the options needs a slightly bigger logo. Dropbox Paper offers one way to manage this. Here are a few ways to make this process a little more specific and a little easier to use. 

Add captions to facilitate feedback on photo reviews

Are you in your write mind? How to overcome writer’s block.

That big presentation, report, or blog isn’t going to write itself. And yet, you feel compelled to finish every non-essential task on your to-do list instead. Or you’re stuck in a funny dogs compilation YouTube playlist hole–for inspiration, right?

Career Lessons With... Becky Feiner

The world-renowned illustrator on collaboration, creativity and re-inventing the Australian alphabet.

Multitasking won’t make you more productive. Here’s what will.

Know someone who prides themselves on juggling text messages and meetings? Reading and listening to music? Who staunchly insists they’re a good multi-tasker? Have them try this experiment:

6 tasks you should stop doing today

Simple changes you can make to switch your brain on and cross the to-do's off.

Innovation in waves: A look back at small business in 2016

Small business innovation won out in 2016. Here’s the year in review, and what to look out for in 2017.