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Why Pitch Studios represent a new model for creative agencies

The future of the creative agency model isn’t so clear, but Pitch Studios could easily throw their hat in the ring. 

Social media tips for small business: engaging your followers

People will talk to your business on social media. Here’s how you should talk back.

Industrial Nomads: The Companies Where You Can Work Without an Office

In a survey from McCrindle, some 80% of Australians said they would be more loyal to their employer if they offered remote working options, while 55% of us said we’d be more productive. At present, only 54% of us work in one central office, and 20% of us work across over three locations regularly. Deloitte Australia even said that mobile working was increasing our economy by $43 billion.

Strapped in? Alternatives to cash accelerators

Traditionally, accelerator programs emphasise cash investments for the startups they take on – but is money the answer to all your problems?

Using data to leverage your startup

Although data is one of the greatest assets at the disposal of startups and small businesses, it is also one of the most underutilised.

Globally, we’re producing data at an unprecedented rate. According to IBM research, more than more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated each day; and analyst firm IDC estimates that all data created, replicated and consumed is doubling every two years.

2015 has been a watershed year when it comes to equality in tech

Earlier this month, Startup Muster released its annual survey results from the activity it conducted across January and February this year.

​The survey garnered 1,333 responses from the Australian startup ecosystem, with 602 startups confirmed after validation and a data cleaning process had taken place. This year's response rate was nearly double that of the first survey which took place in 2014, which captured 385 validated responses.

Innovation statement: a giant leap in the right direction

Australia has always been a nation of entrepreneurs. There is talent, enthusiasm and drive here like nowhere else in the world I’ve experienced. Yesterday’s Innovation Announcement addresses this and we now have a plan in place that can nurture and aid grass roots startups. Echoing Turnbull’s words this is the start of the ‘ideas boom’ and innovation will now be the driving force behind Australia’s prosperity.

Top 7 apps for startups

The difference an app can make to the productivity levels of a startup owner trying to churn through their tasks can be massive. But with so many apps on the market and so little time in the life of an entrepreneur, it can be challenging to know which ones to bother with. So, we’ve gathered a list from entrepreneurial types from all over the country to help you navigate the right apps for you to find out what you need to consider for your startup.