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Depth and style: Making your startup attractive to investors

It takes more than a slick presentation to woo investors. Here’s how to balance depth with style.

New tech, new startups: Drones

There’s always existed a relationship between the latest tech and the newest startups.

Work sweet work: Tips to run a home-based business

For many small to medium business owners, running a home-based business is a viable and straightforward alternative to the leasing of a separate premises – and with very little downsides. Here we explore the advantages, considerations and practicalities of running your business from home in Australia.

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The top 10 tools for any new startup

This means it’s never been easier to achieve scale and professional quality, especially in the early days, with very little effort (and money).

In order to get your startup sorted, here are my top 10 essential tool picks for any new startup.

1. Squarespace

Incubate debate: The value of incubator programs to startups

To incubate or not? To go it alone or lean on experience?

How to build a diverse start-up

DCC's mission is to increase the number of women in industries that are traditionally seen as male dominated.

How to write a marketing plan

A business plan acts as a guide for keeping your business on track to achieve its goals, but a marketing plan is the step-by-step guide that helps you, as a founder, answer important questions about your business to help people understand exactly what it is you are selling.

How to write a good business plan

Follow these tips on how to write a business plan and you’ll get yours on the fast track.

Cliff Obrecht: the necessity of using data to evolve

Canva co-founder Cliff Obrecht outlines how he continually uses data to assess the weakest links within the business and create solutions to better the experience.

Julie Stevanja: killer business sense creates beautiful active wear

Stylerunner founder Julie Stevanja outlines how her Bikram Yoga hobby allowed her to finish her current role and put everything into a new and exciting online platform. 

Find out more about how Stylerunner and Dropbox are working together. Download the full case study here.