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How LEAP encourages flexible working with new technology

We sat down with Gavin Smith from LEAP to talk about how the team is using new technology to enable flexible working.

Six ways to make your Dropbox even more secure

One of the most common concerns we hear at Dropbox is what steps can be taken to help secure an account

The Three Biggest Strengths of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means that instead of purchasing fixed IT hardware, businesses can access computing hardware as they need it. The benefits? Cloud computing resources are accessible on demand, as needed. Resources can support shifting needs and periods of peak demand, versus being under-utilised most of the time and over-taxed some of the time. 


Cloud computing is more efficient in several areas. 

What the pending data security laws mean for business leaders

In 2018 data security is firmly on the agenda of business leaders across the globe.

Five reasons for replacing your file server with Dropbox

Then lower-cost and more easily managed NAS units came into the picture. But now many businesses are minimising their on-premises hardware - if only because their staff are spending less time in the office - and are instead turning to cloud platforms.

Dropbox's head of solutions architecture for APAC Daniel Iverson offers five reasons why you should consider replacing an on-site filer with Dropbox.

Improved security 

5 key things to look for when evaluating your cloud solution

With Daniel Iversen, Head of Solutions Architecture at Dropbox Asia Pacific.

TradeGecko designers saved by Dropbox Business

Dev and design are detail-heavy disciplines – lots of programs, lots of formats, lots of files, lots of feedback rounds. How to keep track?

Watch our Security webinar series on-demand

Our experts, along with our Solutions Architect team, deep-dive into a variety of topics including data sovereignty in global organisations, what privacy means in 2016, and how companies and organisations can come together with Dropbox Business.

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Simple security: 5 easy ways to protect company data

How likely are you to leave your house for work in the morning with the door unlocked?

7 ways marketers can use Dropbox to work smarter