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Remote Working

Ten Workplace Trends That Are Here to Stay

1. Working from anywhere

There’s little doubt that communication and collaboration technologies have made working remotely easier and more effective. The need for a central working office is no longer a must thanks to technologies like video conferencing and file sharing, and it’s no surprise that the move remote has made Aussie employees happier and companies more productive.

2. The 24-hour workday

Four industries that will be (mostly) remote by 2020

Richard Branson is never one to mince words. In his blog about remote working, he said “Yours truly has never worked out of an office, and never will.”

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Get In Sync: Your syncing questions answered

The rise in remote workspaces and freelancer culture means that ability to access, edit, and collaborate on important documents from anywhere is becoming vital. But the debilitating fear of deleting something important (or something someone else needs) can get in the way. So here’s a primer on everything Dropbox Sync.  

Q: How do I keep my folders up to date anywhere?

A: Your Dropbox folder is like your window into the cloud, so drag everything you want to access 

Industrial Nomads: The Companies Where You Can Work Without an Office

In a survey from McCrindle, some 80% of Australians said they would be more loyal to their employer if they offered remote working options, while 55% of us said we’d be more productive. At present, only 54% of us work in one central office, and 20% of us work across over three locations regularly. Deloitte Australia even said that mobile working was increasing our economy by $43 billion.