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Four more ways to be more productive in the office

Take a look at these global statistics on the value of a nations GDP per hours worked. 


Five reasons for replacing your file server with Dropbox

Then lower-cost and more easily managed NAS units came into the picture. But now many businesses are minimising their on-premises hardware - if only because their staff are spending less time in the office - and are instead turning to cloud platforms.

Dropbox's head of solutions architecture for APAC Daniel Iverson offers five reasons why you should consider replacing an on-site filer with Dropbox.

Improved security 

How to get 80% of your results from 20% of your work

Pareto, an Italian economist and avid gardener, noticed that 80% of all his beans come from only 20% of his pea pods. After comprehensive research, Pareto found that the principle held across many other countries and industries. 

The theory can be applied to almost anything within business. For example, 20% of your customers may be responsible for 80% of revenue or 20% of an advertising budget may drive 80% of conversions. This ratio doesn’t have to be fixed, but the important message is that inputs and outputs in work (and life) are not necessarily evenly correlated.

The Challenges of Office Design

The importance of office design was not lost on Steve Jobs.

Why the cloud holds the future of your money

‘Innovation’ and ‘finance technology’ do not often appear in the same sentence. Notoriously unfriendly on the eyes, traditional accounting software is the digital equivalent of a horse and cart. Then along came the cloud.

Multitasking won’t make you more productive. Here’s what will.

Know someone who prides themselves on juggling text messages and meetings? Reading and listening to music? Who staunchly insists they’re a good multi-tasker? Have them try this experiment:

Four ways to fix productivity in the workplace

You might put in eight hours a day at the office, but how much of that time is really spent on productive work?

Office minimalism: it’s time to declutter

Whether physical or digital, clutter isn’t doing us any favours.

6 tasks you should stop doing today

Simple changes you can make to switch your brain on and cross the to-do's off.

Making workflows work for you

Here are our top three tips for making your workflows work for you and boosting workflow productivity.