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Five reasons for replacing your file server with Dropbox

Then lower-cost and more easily managed NAS units came into the picture. But now many businesses are minimising their on-premises hardware - if only because their staff are spending less time in the office - and are instead turning to cloud platforms.

Dropbox's head of solutions architecture for APAC Daniel Iverson offers five reasons why you should consider replacing an on-site filer with Dropbox.

Improved security 

One team, no base: How Melewi works worldwide with Dropbox Business

“I thought, why can’t everyone in my team work remotely?” Melissa Ng talks about running a global team without a home base.

Dropbox and Aconex join forces to help project teams collaborate

As part of this agreement, Aconex and Dropbox will deliver better data integration between the two platforms, allowing users to save time and be more productive when managing capital projects of all sizes. 

Webinar: Streamline workflows with Dropbox and Adobe

The Dropbox and Adobe partnership enables people and organisations greater flexibility to work the way they want with documents and creative files at home, in the office or on-the-go.

New integrations with Microsoft

Today we announced three new ways that Dropbox integrates with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.

Webinar: Dropbox Business and Microsoft Office - Better Together

Microsoft Office is used by over 1.2 billion people for productivity. Did you know Dropbox is the largest repository of Office documents in the world? It’s because Dropbox is universally loved and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office.

Want your team to be more productive from anywhere — especially when working with others? Join us for a 30-minute, in-depth look at how companies and universities like yours tie everything together with Microsoft Office and Dropbox Business.

Creating Practice Manager integration with Xero and Dropbox

The Practice Manager feature in Xero is a powerful piece of practice management software that helps accountants deliver a live, transparent, and connected view of the important parts of their clients’ businesses. 

The feature allows accountants to work smarter by completing tasks faster, more efficiently, and with less stress. It has been designed so the business modules interact, minimising the need to double-handle any information.

Dropbox Business: Work from anywhere on the go

While many people start their own business thinking that they’ll have the freedom to spend more time at home and set their own working hours, the reality for most is that they - and their team members - will be constantly on the go, rushing from meetings to events to presentations to the office and back again, sometimes all in the same day.