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Using creativity to fight brain cancer

Liz Dawes is inspired by a big heart and a big dream.

Create a Vision Board, Make Your 2018 Goals Happen

It was the heat of advertising production season, and amidst all the craziness with getting an ad spot out the door in time before the holidays, my old boss decided to have an additional mandatory team meeting. I walked into her room, only to find the area scattered with a plethora of magazines, colored paper, crafts and scissors. My colleague and I immediately started laughing, it looked like Pinterest exploded in there. 

My boss began the meeting saying, “Team, today, we are going to be spending our time together creating vision boards.”

Ten Workplace Trends That Are Here to Stay

1. Working from anywhere

There’s little doubt that communication and collaboration technologies have made working remotely easier and more effective. The need for a central working office is no longer a must thanks to technologies like video conferencing and file sharing, and it’s no surprise that the move remote has made Aussie employees happier and companies more productive.

2. The 24-hour workday

Future proof your career: The guide to never being out of work

Will my job be outsourced to artificial intelligence? Will my skills be obsolete in 2/5/10 years time? The solution to avoid obsolescence may be a trait called T-Skills – and it’s something you can work on today. 

What is a T-shaped person?

Futureproofed: Digital disruption and SMBs in 2017

We look at the directions and business opportunities set to grow in 2017.