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How to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion

A day in the life of a diversity team.

Day-to-day, our team is like a consultant for anything in the business that is diversity-related. This includes, for example, focus groups across the company to better understand how people really feel about diversity and inclusion, and analysing our poll data which goes out twice a year. We look at all the numbers to figure out how certain groups of people feel at the company—do they feel like the company cares about them? And in turn, what can we do to help these groups feel supported and included?

The roles we can play in making flexible working the norm

Through Diverse City Careers (DCC), we have many conversations about flexibility with both corporate clients and job seekers. Most companies we come across are focused on achieving that perfect balance of the right policy, getting staff (in particular men) to adopt flexible working and creating a culture where working outside the traditional hours is not frowned upon.

How to build a diverse start-up

DCC's mission is to increase the number of women in industries that are traditionally seen as male dominated.