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George Livissianis Doesn't Want an Empire

A rare interview with the designer behind some of Australia's most legendary interiors.

Redesigning hospitality with International Worldwide

Following the launch of dining hot-spot 'Natural History', the design team give us a glimpse into their world.

Driving collaboration between designers and engineers

How to harness different perspectives for better results.

Four tips to make image review easier

Deciphering feedback on large projects can make this even more stressful – emails can only take one so far when deciding which of the options needs a slightly bigger logo. Dropbox Paper offers one way to manage this. Here are a few ways to make this process a little more specific and a little easier to use. 

Add captions to facilitate feedback on photo reviews

Introducing our new brand design

We’re excited to share our story and reveal a new look for Dropbox.

Why Semi Permanent is Collaborative by Design

Semi Permanent founder Murray Bell on why collaboration will be the future of design.

What the Dropbox Sydney office says about the future of working

With Andy Waddle, Associate at global architectural design firm Gensler.

Houston…we have a problem

Sydney design agency Houston Group shares what it means to redefine some of Australia's most iconic brands.

How global collaboration produced The Milan Report

Creating a printed publication in six weeks is a daunting proposition for even the most experienced writers, editors and designers but when the team is spread across countries and time-zones that prospect becomes even more complex. So when Penny Craswell (Sydney), Giovanna Dunmall (London) and Marcus Piper (NSW South Coast) put their heads together to create The Milan Report 2017 – a snapshot of the most cutting edge furniture and lighting direct from Milan Design Week – there were some logistical issues to tackle.

How to build a global fashion empire

Dion Lee is a high-end Australian fashion label that's taking the world by storm.