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Data is Your Greatest Asset

Simple security: 5 easy ways to protect company data

How likely are you to leave your house for work in the morning with the door unlocked?

The most effective ways to customise and control security

With the right security processes, anyone from the IT Director to CIO's can become a warrior in the fight against cyber-attacks.

Making use of the big data you already have

For those considering investing in data analytics, Deeps De Silva reminds us we have vast quantities of rich data already available to us in our accounts, CRM, web traffic and more.

Using data to leverage your startup

Although data is one of the greatest assets at the disposal of startups and small businesses, it is also one of the most underutilised.

Globally, we’re producing data at an unprecedented rate. According to IBM research, more than more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated each day; and analyst firm IDC estimates that all data created, replicated and consumed is doubling every two years.

Cliff Obrecht: the necessity of using data to evolve

Canva co-founder Cliff Obrecht outlines how he continually uses data to assess the weakest links within the business and create solutions to better the experience.

Data Day 2015 wrap up

There’s no end to the possibilities data can open up for your business. That was the theme of the recent Data Day conference run by Startup Daily, which looked at how businesses can leverage data generated by both customers and staff to create new products, features, and processes.

2015 has been a watershed year when it comes to equality in tech

Earlier this month, Startup Muster released its annual survey results from the activity it conducted across January and February this year.

​The survey garnered 1,333 responses from the Australian startup ecosystem, with 602 startups confirmed after validation and a data cleaning process had taken place. This year's response rate was nearly double that of the first survey which took place in 2014, which captured 385 validated responses.

Share large files and watch your business grow

Imagine a phone conversation in a busy office: "Yes, it's finished. I'll email it across to you now. Oh, wait. It's a 2GB file. That's too big to email. Er... maybe I could burn it onto a DVD? No, this computer doesn't have a DVD writer. I could mail you a USB stick; it should be there by Tuesday. Too late? Oh. How about one of those consumer file-sharing sites? But they don't look trustworthy, with all those flashing ads and pop-ups. Hmm... Perhaps I could courier it to you?"