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How to get out of a collaboration rut

Studies from Deloitte and Forbes have shown that for other businesses, good collaboration can yield higher revenue, stronger growth and employee satisfaction: overall, it could add

University of Sydney x Dropbox

University of Sydney signs world-first agreement with Dropbox.

Five reasons for replacing your file server with Dropbox

Then lower-cost and more easily managed NAS units came into the picture. But now many businesses are minimising their on-premises hardware - if only because their staff are spending less time in the office - and are instead turning to cloud platforms.

Dropbox's head of solutions architecture for APAC Daniel Iverson offers five reasons why you should consider replacing an on-site filer with Dropbox.

Improved security 

Why you don’t need to be a creative to do creative work

Somewhere along the way, most of us lost that impulse for creativity when we were taught that there are two sides of the brain, the left and the right. Creative and non-creative. And you’re either creative or you’re not.

“Creative” is a way of thinking, not a job title

You don’t need to be an artist to contribute creative ideas. Being creative isn’t a personality type or a job title or a degree. It’s a way of thinking, a way of working and a process. Anyone can participate. And everyone who does can contribute something valuable.

3 steps to streamline your collaborative workflow

There’s no better time to discover workflow deficiencies than Monday morning.

Collaboration obstacles and how to overcome them

Small complications can make collaborating difficult, but the solutions are easy (and often right in front of you).

Why Semi Permanent is Collaborative by Design

Semi Permanent founder Murray Bell on why collaboration will be the future of design.

5 key things to look for when evaluating your cloud solution

With Daniel Iversen, Head of Solutions Architecture at Dropbox Asia Pacific.

Slack x Dropbox Paper is here

A new integration to make writing and working more efficient.

Thinking of Tokyo with Ta-ku

“To look closer, share more openly and create freely.” That’s the philosophy of 823, Ta-ku’s photography project that started two years ago. Since then it has since morphed into a cross-continental collaborative project bringing communities together.