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How Bonsey Jaden brought Asia’s Got Talent to life

When digital brand agency Bonsey Jaden was tasked with creating an online content and social media campaign for the latest season of Asia’s Got Talent, co-founder and MD Nic Robertson knew it was going to be a big undertaking.

“The timeframes in TV are especially tight, and we’re dealing with tons of large files,” Robertson notes.

Bonsey Jaden has teams working in six offices spread out across Southeast Asia, with talent ranging from videographers and producers, to content strategists and community managers. It’s a diverse team with diverse needs.

How Ta-ku uses technology for artistic collaboration

During Ta-ku’s recent creative residency in Sydney he sat down with Liz Leigh from Startup Daily to discuss how technology can enhance the creative process by aiding collaboration between parties.

Ta-ku In Residence @takuspeaks talk

Ta-ku speaks with photographers from around the globe to explore the power of social media in photography. You can listen to the talk below.

Ta-ku In Residence @takubeats talk

Ta-­ku chats to two emerging 18-year-old producers and musicians to discuss inspiration and where they are headed. You can listen to his latest talk, which is part of the Ta-ku In Residence series, below.

Ta-ku In Residence @takueats talk and podcast

Ta-ku hosts a talk with special guests: Mitch Orr, Chef and co-owner of Acme, Dan Hong, Executive Chef at Mr. Wong’s, Ms. G’s, Papi Chulo, and El Loco, and Andrew Levins, DJ/Founder of Heaps Decent charity / radio host of "The Mitchen” & “Hay Fam”.

You can listen to the talk below. 

Grab is using Dropbox Business to support collaboration

One of the key elements contributing to the growth of the business has been effective communication and marketing across the regions it serves.

Dropbox and Ta-Ku join forces, announce creative residency

Perth-based artist Ta-ku has teamed up with Dropbox to present a week-long creative residency in Sydney.

Servcorp uses Dropbox Business to keep its offices in sync

Servcorp is a world-class international office network

How Campos is communicating with coffee producers across the globe

Campos is a speciality coffee producer that aims to bring the world’s best, sustainably grown coffee to Australia. The company sources beans from across the world, from Kenya to El Salvador, and has opened roasteries and offices in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

Why Ben & Jerry’s chose Dropbox Business

Thanks to an innovative approach to developing new flavours, Ben & Jerry’s has transformed the local scoop shop into a global franchise.