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One team, no base: How Melewi works worldwide with Dropbox Business

“I thought, why can’t everyone in my team work remotely?” Melissa Ng talks about running a global team without a home base.

Smooth Sailing: The Australian Sailing Team means business

The Australian Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Team has over 50 athletes, 15 coaches and 30 support associates travelling around the world competing and training.

Your Closet: The perfect fit between fashion and technology

When Briella Brown came up with her big idea she didn’t let her age or a lack of business experience get in the way.

Bellroy embraces sleek functionality and streamlined workflows

Accessory designer Bellroy talks expanding operations, minimalism, and Dropbox Business.

Meeting the growing appetite of consumers

Deliveroo is catering to a growing number of patrons and cuisine providers with Dropbox Business.

TradeGecko designers saved by Dropbox Business

Dev and design are detail-heavy disciplines – lots of programs, lots of formats, lots of files, lots of feedback rounds. How to keep track?

The roles we can play in making flexible working the norm

Through Diverse City Careers (DCC), we have many conversations about flexibility with both corporate clients and job seekers. Most companies we come across are focused on achieving that perfect balance of the right policy, getting staff (in particular men) to adopt flexible working and creating a culture where working outside the traditional hours is not frowned upon.

CSBP Fertilisers reaps the rewards of Dropbox Business

For CSBP Fertilisers, around 40 Area Managers provide support to their customers on sites scattered around Western Australia.

Case Closed: Legal software provider LEAP on Dropbox Business

You can imagine the amount of paperwork your average law firm goes through in a day. Now multiply that by 11,000 – and you can begin to see why reliable tech and user-focused design is so important for LEAP.

5 ways to transition to an open creative process

Australia has always had an ambitious creative culture, where the appetite for fast, relevant ideas is stronger than ever.