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How Projucer is redefining branded content

Whether it be a food and travel series for SBS Food hosted by Masterchef winner Andy Allen, a Channel 7 pilot following a vet in remote Western Australia or an international travel series with Top Deck, their approach brings together the disparate worlds of television and digital channels (with some big-brand assistance) to get the best from both.

Here, Co-Founder and Director Josh Capelin shares a few of his golden rules for how brands and producers can band together to do something a little different (and entertain in the process). 

Thinking of... Melbourne with Ta-ku

We speak to Ta-ku ahead of the Melbourne edition of his roaming creative residency program '823'.

How to get out of a collaboration rut

Studies from Deloitte and Forbes have shown that for other businesses, good collaboration can yield higher revenue, stronger growth and employee satisfaction: overall, it could add

Why you don’t need to be a creative to do creative work

Somewhere along the way, most of us lost that impulse for creativity when we were taught that there are two sides of the brain, the left and the right. Creative and non-creative. And you’re either creative or you’re not.

“Creative” is a way of thinking, not a job title

You don’t need to be an artist to contribute creative ideas. Being creative isn’t a personality type or a job title or a degree. It’s a way of thinking, a way of working and a process. Anyone can participate. And everyone who does can contribute something valuable.

Why Semi Permanent is Collaborative by Design

Semi Permanent founder Murray Bell on why collaboration will be the future of design.

Why the cloud holds the future of your money

‘Innovation’ and ‘finance technology’ do not often appear in the same sentence. Notoriously unfriendly on the eyes, traditional accounting software is the digital equivalent of a horse and cart. Then along came the cloud.

This artist creates incredible Australian vistas… in Microsoft Paint

A high school (yes, high school) student has been pushing the limits of Paint to create incredibly detailed artworks based on Australian landscapes.

Helping Convoy organise a convoy of information

Convoy is using Dropbox Business as a smarter way to share documents with clients and partners.

Life in the cloud(s): how JustCo transcended traditional office space

For a company like JustCo, space is everything.

Houston…we have a problem

Sydney design agency Houston Group shares what it means to redefine some of Australia's most iconic brands.