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Discovering your startup's unique value proposition

One of the reasons that the startup ecosystem has such a high failure rate is due to founders creating solutions to problems that either don’t exist or that people don’t care enough about to pay for you to solve them.

What is so unique about Aussie entrepreneurs?

There are so many great things about being an entrepreneur in Australia. For starters, lifestyle is a big one. Australia is also a great market for testing out a concept before expanding overseas to Europe or the United States. We are close in proximity to Asia, which represents a plethora of opportunity for the savvy founder.

But what is it that makes Australian entrepreneurs so different from the rest of the world? Is there any difference at all?

Aussie startups take advantage of the R&D Tax Incentive

The 2015 financial year is now over. This means (amongst many other things) that startups can submit their applications for the Research and Development Tax incentives. However many Australian startups do not take advantage of this very important tax break because they are not aware it exists or it seems too complicated to explore. The reality is though, it is an uncomplicated and relatively pain-free process. So let's look at how startups can maximise their R&D Tax incentive refund.


Inspire and Innovate

Western Sydney U Solar Car Project is a student led non-profit green initiative. The project strives to push the boundaries of innovation and precision engineering with a social and sustainable responsibility to the whole community.

StartupWeek; Australia’s growing startup ecosystem

It was only two months ago that Sydney fell four places to 16th in the most recent Global Startup Ecosystem Report rankings. The recent StartupWeek Sydney festival hopefully helped to address some of the key issues that caused this fall, with its series of 50 events last week aiming to strengthen and celebrate Sydney’s startup ecosystem.

Building a presentation resource centre

Running a business involves using a wide range of documents. These might include quotations, estimates, invoices, meetings minutes, proposals, contracts and strategy documents. Perhaps most important of all, you'll make use of presentations. Whether for internal marketing briefings or client sales meetings, presentations are a vital part of doing business.

Top 7 apps for startups

The difference an app can make to the productivity levels of a startup owner trying to churn through their tasks can be massive. But with so many apps on the market and so little time in the life of an entrepreneur, it can be challenging to know which ones to bother with. So, we’ve gathered a list from entrepreneurial types from all over the country to help you navigate the right apps for you to find out what you need to consider for your startup.

How to fund your startup

Getting your startup off the ground is only half the battle. The next major hurdle will be working out how to fund the next stage of growth.