When Briella Brown came up with the idea for her designer dress hire company, she knew she was onto a winner.

Briella Brown first came up with the idea for Your Closet, a designer dress hire company, at just seventeen years old. Nethertheless, she knew she was onto something big.

Your Closet is an online service that allows women to rent high-end designer dresses for a fraction of the retail price. Unlike other dress rental services, Your Closet works directly with high-end designers.

“I was in year 12 when I noticed that everyone was spending all of this money on a dress for their formal that they’d only ever wear once. That’s when I came up for the idea of Your Closet,” said Briella.

Briella’s clientele aren’t the only ones taking notice. She pitched the idea to financial backers on the TV show Shark Tank to great success, walking away with an $80,000 investment.

Fashion forward technology

Having technology at the core of Your Closet has been essential for its growth from a Sydney-based startup to a business that services clients Australia-wide. Social media has played a pivotal role in growing the business organically and to make sure the business could cope with the growing online demand, Briella turned to Dropbox to streamline existing workflows.

“My web developer suggested that we use Dropbox because as the team grew it became impossible to keep track of emails containing important design files. As a result, things were lost and work was duplicated,”

Since implementing Dropbox, the right assets are always available at Briella’s fingertips.

“We’ve got everything in Dropbox. Style guides, press kits, design notes, photography assets, you name it. Everything is kept in the one place. It’s made our workflows so much smoother. Our photographers upload images directly to Dropbox, our graphic designers access the images and are then able to upload and share image files with the web developer and wider team,” said Briella.

Dressed for success

With the right technology in place, Briella is ready to grow her business even further by expanding her network of dresses and designers. For those wanting to take the plunge and start their own business she has some sage advice.

“I know it sounds cliché, but if you have a great idea you just have to try your best to make it work. Just go for it.”