If your prospects for future health were written on your arm, you’d be a fool not to read it, right? That’s the idea behind Asia Genomics, a leading molecular diagnostics company in South-East Asia that examines DNA for clues to future health.

Ever since the discovery of DNA sequencing methods in 1957, scientists have suspected that our genomes can tell a lot about us. With the dropping price of genome testing, Asia Genomics aims to use that knowledge to help our health and contribute to a market predicted to be worth $25 billion by 2021.

Today, predispositions towards inherited cancers, heart disease, as well as general wellness and lifestyle factors, can be determined from a DNA test. The affordable range of cancer, reproductive, and wellness testing that Asia Genomics offers is helping to transform healthcare across Asia. 

Advanced health testing means that individuals can test for genetic pre-disposition to certain inherited cancers, and can also help doctors prescribe more effective drugs for late-stage cancer patients. Asia Genomics can also help deliver personalised wellness insights. A simple saliva swab can provide a tailored wellness report with your genetic predispositions and recommendations. Personal trainers and elite athletes will examine the results to create tailored workouts, supplements, and lifestyle plans.

With Dropbox Business, Asia Genomics is able to balance flexibility, security and collaboration on medical records and treating patients. 

Safe, Secure, and Accessible

Asia Genomics provide genetic testing services in 6 countries around Asia. The company has seen remarkable growth and in the past year, and have almost quadrupled its staff from 20 people to 70 people. Before adopting Dropbox Business, keeping work secure and centralised for an international operation at the forefront of a burgeoning industry wasn’t also so easy. Work was scattered across a mix of personal Dropbox accounts, shared drives, as well as file servers. 

Keeping information secure and in-line with compliance requirements from licensing and accreditation agencies became a challenge as the team grew internationally. “Dropbox Business enables us to comply with data protection and other medical testing guidelines,” said Lionel Lim, Scientific Director of Laboratory at Asia Genomics.

The team is also able to work more seamlessly with its team of diverse experts, doctors, and partners. The physical office at Aegis Partners prides itself on being open-plan and collaborative, just like a start-up, so it makes sense that its file storage and collaboration solution would enable collaborative working. Switching to Dropbox mirrored that open system, making remote working a reality. With the team spread across South-East Asia, being able to access files offline and wherever they’re working, making remote working much easier.

Faster workflows, productive teams

Dropbox Business has also helped the company speed its workflows. Creating marketing material for technology partners and doctors, partnering with US labs on patient consent and request forms, and translating to localised languages across the region requires a lot of collaboration between sales, marketing, and legal teams. Having feedback and changes available in one document reduces feedback and emails, meaning that Asia Genomics can serve more consumers, faster. The team is also using Dropbox Paper to encourage collaboration between international offices. To cut down on email traffic, Paper is used for meeting notes and team resources.

 To find out more about how Dropbox Business is helping Asia Genomics cut down on email traffic, improve team collaboration, and keep its data secure download our Asia Genomics case study.