Campos is a speciality coffee producer that aims to bring the world’s best, sustainably grown coffee to Australia.

The company sources beans from across the world, from Kenya to El Salvador, and has opened roasteries and offices in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Staying connected to employees and partners across all of these locations is critical to Campos Coffee's success, but that has not always been easy.

At first the company set up an intranet to share files among team members, but it was very clunky and according to Will Young, President of Campos, it wasn’t intuitive at all.

The team spent some time deliberating on an appropriate course of action before deciding on Dropbox Business.

“Within a week or two of signing up, we rolled out Dropbox Business to everyone. It was very smooth. Some of our staff already had Dropbox installed and, on the whole, everyone seemed to understand how to navigate it and get started,” said Rose Cole, Internal Communications and Executive Assistant.

Dropbox Business allows Campos to communicate clearly with key stakeholders and work from one main source of information by eliminating file version issues.

The previous limitations around sharing are now gone, with the company now able to collaborate on recipes and techniques with their baristas across the country, collect large-scale pictures from team members and partners from Panama to Papua New Guinea, and even have growers in Colombia share field videos to check crop health.

“Because Dropbox Business gave us such an easy way to share files, we didn’t have to grow an IT department as fast as we thought we would. It really helped with the company’s overall efficiency,” said Young.

Dropbox Business has given Campos an easy way to keep files backed up and secure. Teams never have to worry about files getting lost in transit, and most employees no longer even use the server.

Improvements in visibility and overall efficiency have ultimately enabled Campos to resolve issues more quickly, and keep the entire company running more smoothly.

Young said, “We used to have to wait for weekly reports to come to us through email. With Dropbox Business, we get updates daily and can track our stores’ performance or fix problems so much faster. It really helps us manage the entire company more effectively.”

Find out more about how Campos and Dropbox are working together. Download the full case study here.