Every year, around the time of Dropbox’s birthday, we hold a company wide Hack Week to revisit the spirit that made Dropbox possible. For an entire week, our teams around the world break free from their day-to-day routine, go off script, and shoot for the moon.

Looking back over the years, some incredible innovations have come out of this annual tradition - Dropbox Business, Smart Sync, and File Requests actually all started out as grassroots Hack Week projects that went on to become intrinsic parts of our roadmap. Hack Week is a testament to the amazing things that can happen when people are given the time, freedom, and space to test their wildest ideas. 

The theme for this year’s Hack Week is ‘Be the Force for Change’ and for Dropbox Australia, this means reframing, reinventing and rethinking what work could look like for ourselves and the entire planet. This week, we’re going to take our every day work conventions and turn them upside down, like challenging the 9-5 routine, giving the Four Hour Work Day a go, mastering the art of focus with the Pomodoro Technique and ‘job swapping’ with colleagues. 

We’re re-working work. And we’re excited.