Dropbox held its annual Dropbox Open event in San Francisco this week. It was a chance for the company to celebrate its business customers and demonstrate  the future of work.

In attendance were key leaders of the Dropbox business, as well as well-known players in the technology space, including Marc Benioff (Salesforce), Meg Whitman (HP), and Eddy Cue (Apple).

The core focus of the event was the Dropbox mission: to simply the way that people, companies, and industries work together. This mission has seen the company become one of the leading examples of how global collaboration can work, and create a more simple and connected working environment for businesses.

Dropbox currently connects over 400 million people and 8 million businesses across the world via 2.8 billion sharing connections. It has begun to change the way that individuals approach building their businesses and set up their teams.

Since launching its Dropbox Business product, more than 150,000 companies have chosen the solution to tap into its powerful collaboration tools. There were several announcements made at Dropbox Open this week regarding how growing companies can utilise the platform even further. One of those announcements was the introduction of Dropbox Enterprise, a new product that has been designed to meet the requirements of the world’s largest businesses.

Dropbox Enterprise will still include all of the same core security features, administrative capabilities, and modern collaboration tools that users have embraced on the Dropbox Business platform. In addition to these features, the enterprise-focused platform will include new deployment tools, advanced controls for users, and support that has been designed with large companies in mind.

There are a couple of key areas where the product will add considerable benefit. The first is by making deployment of the technology within a company simple and scalable. Many employees around the globe are already using personal Dropbox accounts to work within; via domain verification and account capture, the migration from a personal account to a Dropbox Enterprise account will be accelerated.

The second area of benefit to companies is that there is now increased visibility and control; the domain insights tool allows designated administrators to view the usage activity of their employees on the company Dropbox account. Through the new collaboration insights technology, they can also view contractor usage outside of the organisation they are working with.

Dropbox Enterprise customers will also have unlimited access to the Dropbox API, allowing them to integrate its platform with their existing IT systems and create their own custom integrations.

There were several other announcements made during the event, including the launch of the new Dropbox Partner Network and the Dropbox Capabilities Platform for developers.