While many people start their own business thinking that they’ll have the freedom to spend more time at home and set their own working hours, the reality for most is that they - and their team members - will be constantly on the go, rushing from meetings to events to presentations to the office and back again, sometimes all in the same day. 

Knowing there’s often not a minute to waste, Dropbox is looking to help businesses be productive on the go with Dropbox Business.

The platform offers easy integration with Microsoft Office, across desktop and mobile, which means users can edit Office files direct from the Dropbox mobile app without worrying about having to do things like convert files, download them, and then upload them to another platform to share with others. For example, the integration allows a user to create a Word document in their Word app, and then choose to save it directly into their Dropbox account.

No in-flight wifi? Users can still get work done thanks to the platform’s offline editing functionality, with files edited offline then automatically updated in the cloud as soon as the user connects back to the internet. This functionality means that your team will be able to access the latest version of their files and folders from anywhere, at any time, on any device, whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. As Dropbox offers the ability to link several devices to one account, remote users will be able to access files in a Dropbox without an internet connection.

The reality of doing business today also means that the days of a whole team working within the same office day to day long over. As such, technology has had to evolve to help facilitate easy collaboration between teams working on opposite sides of the world, in different time zones.

Dropbox enables users to keep up to speed by leaving comments on files and following the conversation no matter the time difference between working hours by simply viewing comment feed. Users can also notify others about the latest updates on a task by sending them an email notification, making sure they’re always up to speed. 

Dropbox has also taken this idea of collaboration one step further by enabling the restoring of old edits. Working in a team or with various stakeholders means that everyone is going to have their own two cents to put in, which means projects can go in a direction that doesn’t quite end up working the way everyone thought it would; sometimes less is more. Dropbox keeps an edit history of all files in an account for 30 days, allowing users to view or restore old versions of documents and presentations if the need arises.

The tools offered by Dropbox Business can help boost productivity and keep teams working on the same page, wherever they may be around the world.