There’s nothing worse than the sinking realisation that your carefully prepared training materials have been lost by your staff.

It’s one of the many reasons why growing numbers of Australian businesses are looking for online tools like Dropbox and dropping everything in one centralised place. And it’s making a massive difference to the impact training has on their business. 

Dropbox offers easy ways to share files or folders, which are ideal for groups of people who want to collaborate on the same files together.

All you need to do is create a folder, select the option ‘Invite people to collaborate’, type their email address and select ‘view only’.

Staff can access these training documents whenever they need, with read-only shared files giving them instant access to the most up-to-date version of their files. Setting the content to read-only removes all risk of changes being made to the content.

So, when you create a shared folder and add other people, the files instantly appear in their Dropbox folder, just as they do in yours. And any member of the folder can add, delete or edit the files within that folder.

Better still, as the owner of the folder, you can decide who in the folder can edit, or who can view the contents. Editors have the ability to add, remove and edit files in the folder, while viewers are only allowed to view the folder contents.

Screenshots are also easy to save and share via Dropbox. You do this by clicking on the Dropbox icon in the menu bar, clicking on the gear icon and selecting Preferences from the menu, clicking the Import tab, and checking or unchecking Share screenshots using Dropbox.

Try adding your training materials to Dropbox today to ensure easy accessibility for your staff.