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Dropbox announced as a major partner of Pause 2017

Dropbox is a major partner of Pause 2017, Australia's leading creative, tech and business event.

Transforming how teams collaborate with Smart Sync and Dropbox Paper

Today we’re excited to announce a host of new features that will help your team keep in sync, grow ideas together, and easily access all of your company’s information.

Innovation in waves: A look back at small business in 2016

Small business innovation won out in 2016. Here’s the year in review, and what to look out for in 2017.

Introducing enhancements to AdminX and Paper

Earlier this year we launched the first wave of AdminX features, which were designed to help empower IT admins with a series of ‘user first’ design features. These features enabled admins to control collaboration with more granular permissions, centralise content management, and manage sync at scale.

But we didn’t stop there. Today, we’re announcing some exciting new enhancements to our AdminX tools that are designed to improve visibility and centralise control. So, what’s new?

The speed of thought: How 5G speeds will shape collaboration

Speeds 100 times faster than the NBN? We look at how that will impact the way we collaborate with one another.

Dropbox Business leaves a mark on Paymark

The cloud has helped in a cashless society, as New Zealand’s biggest digital payments provider notes.

Free as a cloud: How the cloud can free up small business cash flow

Here are three ways having your small business in the cloud helps with your cash flow.

The six hour work day: is technology paving the way forward

Swedish employers have started instating six-hour workdays across the board. Are they onto something?

Dropbox and Aconex join forces to help project teams collaborate

As part of this agreement, Aconex and Dropbox will deliver better data integration between the two platforms, allowing users to save time and be more productive when managing capital projects of all sizes. 

AdminX: Managing collaboration at scale

The new tools that were announced as part of the first wave of AdminX are designed to help IT admins maintain security, control, and visibility over Dropbox team accounts. So, what are some of the new features and how can they help IT admins?

Keeping collaboration secure with a new team folder