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Create a Vision Board, Make Your 2018 Goals Happen

It was the heat of advertising production season, and amidst all the craziness with getting an ad spot out the door in time before the holidays, my old boss decided to have an additional mandatory team meeting. I walked into her room, only to find the area scattered with a plethora of magazines, colored paper, crafts and scissors. My colleague and I immediately started laughing, it looked like Pinterest exploded in there. 

My boss began the meeting saying, “Team, today, we are going to be spending our time together creating vision boards.”

What the pending data security laws mean for business leaders

In 2018 data security is firmly on the agenda of business leaders across the globe.

Five reasons for replacing your file server with Dropbox

Then lower-cost and more easily managed NAS units came into the picture. But now many businesses are minimising their on-premises hardware - if only because their staff are spending less time in the office - and are instead turning to cloud platforms.

Dropbox's head of solutions architecture for APAC Daniel Iverson offers five reasons why you should consider replacing an on-site filer with Dropbox.

Improved security 

The Challenges of Office Design

The importance of office design was not lost on Steve Jobs.

Why Net Neutrality Matters

We strongly favour a free and open internet with fair rules that promote competition, choice and innovation.

Data is Your Greatest Asset

Why you should get a business mentor

A business mentorship is perhaps the closest thing we have to the guilds and apprenticeships of yesteryear. Its appeal is timeless.

Ideas are worthless without execution behind them

Building a business is not for the faint-hearted, however if you are serious about turning your idea into a reality, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are continually executing on achieving that dream.

2015 has been a watershed year when it comes to equality in tech

Earlier this month, Startup Muster released its annual survey results from the activity it conducted across January and February this year.

​The survey garnered 1,333 responses from the Australian startup ecosystem, with 602 startups confirmed after validation and a data cleaning process had taken place. This year's response rate was nearly double that of the first survey which took place in 2014, which captured 385 validated responses.

A goal to connect every person, company and industry

Dropbox held its annual Dropbox Open event in San Francisco this week. It was a chance to celebrate its business customers and demonstrate the future of work.